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Something’s Gotta Give and So I Need Your Help

Today I am writing asking for your help. Not for me per se, but for all those individuals who struggle with an eating disorder. Sadly there isn’t a lot out there that exposes the true impacts eating disorders have, nor is there much that explores the reality of what eating disorders really look like. The Something’s Gotta Give campaign is looking to change that. The Looking Glass Foundation is working on a mini series that is aiming to raise awareness on a topic that is so often hidden in shame, guilt, and fear. It is wanting to help get in front of the issue so that the focus shifts from treatment to prevention. It wants to get to the other side of eating disorders so they no longer exist or affect millions of people.

In order to do so, and in order to really make this campaign as successful as it can be, I am asking that you write me, whether that be on this blog or in an email, and that you answer this question: If we are really going to get to the other side of eating disorder’s Something’s Gotta Give. What is it? What do you feel has to give in order for there to be a radical change in how we see, treat and prevent eating disorders?

This can be anything and everything – whatever you feel resonates with you and would make a difference. If you want to see some of the posts that have already been made, or just to learn more about this campaign, go to www.sggcampaign.org.

I so appreciate your support on this, it helps me, you and all individuals who have been impacted by these painful disorders.


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