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When I Start Dreaming About Clients, I’ve Got A Problem

Often in our day-to-day lives we get so busy that making time for the things that are most important to us can seem challenging. With so much on the go, demands on our time and resources, it can be easy to prioritize our external expectations (work, family, school, kids etc) over our internal needs. The challenge is that even though we may want it all, having it all is not possible. In other words when we put our needs last it comes at a cost and will put our life out of balance. Maybe this shows up for you in your diminishing patience, or perhaps you aren’t sleeping as well or are finding yourself working just as hard but aren’t getting the same results. Me? Well I  eating disorder counselling Vancouver, have had dreams about clients four times this past week and as much as I love catching up with clients I think my mind is probably trying to tell me something if I am not able to put aside work even in my dreams!

The other piece with this is it can really challenge/slow down your recovery. Overcoming an eating disorder or disordered eating takes a lot of time, energy and effort. If you are always going at mach 3 your ability to focus on yourself and your recovery will naturally be compromised.

Now I am not here expecting that all of a sudden we drop everything and go live on a beach forever. I know we all have responsibilities and things to get done but maybe what it’s about carving out some time every day or at least every week where you are disconnected and focused on slowing the pace not keeping it going. This can be simple things like turning off electronics 90 minutes before bed and reading a book (for fun, not for work!), or maybe it is making Sunday your day off from everything and you simply fill that day with the activities that bring you the most joy. Giving yourself these moments not only helps ground us but it also makes us the most productive. When we are working around the clock 7 days a week we burnout which makes us less efficient, productive and useful all around.

So stop glorifying being busy and find the ways you can slow down and incorporate more you time into your life. It’s not only going to help you remain grounded (which is a significant contributor to recovery) but it will also leave you feeling happier and more productive.

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