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Summer Camp and Scholarship Opportunities

It is that time again. There are many things in my life that I am extremely grateful for and Looking Glass Summer Camp typically finds itself in the top 5. When you struggle with an eating disorder and start looking for support you realize how few resources are available for us that not only can help us in our recovery but also that promote seeing yourself as more than your disorder. Summer camp is one of those resources. For 8 days in the summer you get to escape to a beautiful forest camp and experience both the challenges and the joys that come from connecting with girls between the ages of 14-23. In addition, you work with a remarkable team that encourages and supports you to see your strengths, to believe in yourself and to move forward. If you want to see the feedback other campers have shared click here.

In addition, it is a great time for families and loved ones to recharge their batteries while they know that their daughter/loved one is being taken care of. It really is a remarkable opportunity. If you, or anyone you know, could benefit from this experience you can apply here. I can honestly say wholeheartedly that it has changed my life – don’t you think you deserve the same opportunity?

Additionally, every year the looking glass foundation offers 6 scholarships all worth approximately $2500 to anyone who either has or is currently receiving treatment for their eating disorder and who is planning to or attending post secondary school. If you or anyone you know fits this criteria I would highly encourage they apply by clicking here.


Two amazing opportunities that give people the chance to have a brighter and happier future. Again, if you want to apply or know more about summer camp click here. If you are wanting to make your education just that much more affordable by winning a scholarship (and who doesn’t) then click here

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