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It’s That Time Again! Summer Camp Registration is Open

I need to take a step away from my usual blog this week to let you all know that Looking Glass Summer Camp registration is open! This really is the highlight of my year, not just my professional year but my year as a whole. Each year I meet 24 amazing young women (between the ages of 14-23) who take a risk to come to a sumA Day At The Lakemer camp where they get to experience themselves outside of their disorder for 8 days and realize just how powerful, courageous and strong they really are. As a staff member I see girls who haven’t believed in themselves for what sometimes feels like a lifetime, see their worth, spirit and sense of self come rushing back in. Not only is it a place where solid friendships are made, but it’s also a place where a relationship with self can either start to develop or deepen. I love summer camp because it is a week where we all get to explore ourselves and our vulnerability in an environment that is amazingly supportive and also a lot of fun. The activities help campers see past their disorders and instead focus on trying new things that help us explore different sides of ourselves from art and creative activities, to high ropes and rock climbing.

If you or anyone you know is interested in spending the week of August 13-20th in a beautiful old growth forest on a lake while taking a break from their eating disorder so they can get to know themselves and their recovery journey a bit better, I highly recommend you apply. There are only 24 spots each year so fill out a registration form and find out more information by clicking here.

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