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A Time for Reflection

As one year closes and another one begins it gives us an opportunity to look back at who we have become over the year, what steps we have taken, the things that have changed and the things that have stayed the same. For some, the year may feel like just another year, and for others there will be chapters in your book that you never believed would or could ever be a part of your story.

I think this time of year provides us with an opportunity, should we take it, to be still for a few moments to reflect on who we were over the year. Are there things we are proud of? Are there pieces that we want to devote ourselves to in the new year? If we take the time we can always find successes, whether they be big or small, and it’s important to celebrate and acknowledge them within ourselves. I find it easy at times to paint the year with one big brush but I think healing and growth come from looking at the details.

Whether you are recovering from an eating disorder, processing loss, working on a relationship, or rejoicing in all the beautiful gifts this year has brought you, take a moment to soak in all that 2015 was for you. From there, set an intention (not a resolution) of one focus you’re going to hold for yourself in 2016. Be gentle and supportive. Whatever your journey, it matters and each step is significant.

Wishing you warmth and comfort over the holidays

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