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A Different Kind of Resolution

Happy new year!

As I write this I am sitting in my cabin which is in the middle of nowhere drinking a cup of tea while watching the snow fall. It is a truly magical place and one that brings great comfort because of how quiet and still it is. I went out snowshoeing today and got to thinking about the new year and how so many of us want to, or actually do, set resolutions for January first and yet so many of us struggle to maintain it past January 31st. So I was thinking, instead of setting a resolution that is possibly (if not likely) unrealistic, why not work on being more aware within yourself of what is and isn’t working for you and set an intention to not allow yourself to sit in your own suffering any longer. For example, if you find you aren’t happy with your relationship, become dedicated to fixing that. If you aren’t feeling connected, seek connection, aim to see what is possible instead of what is difficult.

The new year creates an urgency of sorts to create a new life or a new you. Instead of trying to overhaul everything, focus on what you really want to be different or to be better in that day, week or month. Maybe what is causing you pain in January is different in February. That’s okay and truthfully quite normal. So make this the year where you actually check in with yourself to see what is or isn’t working for you and take yourself so seriously that you don’t remain passive in your suffering but instead intentionally and actively try to improve it.

Happy new year to you and your loved ones. Wishing you nothing but the best for 2016.

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