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One Thing To Do At This Time Of Year To Build Connection

I hope everyone is enjoying their last weekend of November. This week’s post is short and sweet because I am out and about with my sister and niece, but the topic for this week is rather fitting. December is the time of year when many traditions are Young couple having snowball fightcelebrated and we (hopefully) spend more time focusing on family and our loved ones. This year, I am hoping to start a few new traditions and to spend some time soaking up all Vancouver has to offer before heading home for Christmas.

Building traditions with loved ones helps build connection and can, in many ways, make us appreciate those closest to us. While this time of year means different things to different people, I think it is hard to argue against seeing beautiful light displays or craft fairs and food markets. I also believe that traditions don’t have to be about Christmas per se, so much as they can just be about spending time with those you care about.

So I recommend that if you don’t already have traditions that you celebrate that you start some new ones of your own. Here is a list of 50 things going on around Vancouver to get you started. Pick one and see where it takes you. Do you have any traditions that you love celebrating each year? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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