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Do I Need To Quit Work/School In Order To Recover?

I have found it interesting this past while how many people have been shocked by how much it actually takes to recover. They want to believe that they can maintain all their regular commitments, whether it be work, school, hobbies etc., and focus on their recovery.

In reality, recovery is a full time job at the very least and if I can be blunt, it is nearly impossible for most to maintain all their regular commitments and still recover. Balancing your recovery, and the time it can take even just to eat a meal makes it difficult to fit other things in, especially at the beginning of your journey. It doesn’t mean you have to quit everything, but it may mean that you need to look at what you have to let go of. The saddest part is your eating disorder, which is cruel and abusive, will tell you you are weak and a failure if you can’t manage it all.

But what is the best way to have it lose power? Do the opposite of what it says, and take yourself (and your recovery journey) very, very seriously. By taking the time to take yourself and your wellbeing seriously you will start to realize how much your eating disorder tries to stay in control and keep you sick. Trying to do everything you once did while recovering often causes people to only invest in their recovery what little energy they have left at the end of the day. Typically this extends your recovery quite significantly.

So how do you cut back, especially if there are essentials (like working so you can pay the bills) that need to be maintained? First off, get really clear on what is actually required. If you think about it, 95% of things can be put on hold. Then take the leap. You will be terrified, and you will be forced to face yourself in a way you haven’t had to because of all of your distractions, and you will be taking your recovery seriously.

What are you prepared to cut out in order to take steps forward? Write it in the comment section below.

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