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Tips for A Successful First Date

I am going to be honest, Autumn is my favorite season. It speaks of boots, scarves, sweaters and cozy drinks. I love the smell in the air and the crunch of the leaves under my feet. It may be a bit early for that yet but to me September always represents the start of fall. One of the other things that September represents is a time to get re-grounded and to start doing all those things we are too busy to do during the summer. One of these things is finding our “perfect” partner. I don’t mean literally perfect but more so perfect for you. So if you are single and ready to get back out there, try these 5 tips to have a successful first date!

  1. Pick Something Fun To Do That Still Allows You To Talk: The first few dates need to be about getting to know someone so that you can see if you have a connection. Picking an activity that allows you to have fun but still get to know one another is important. Instead of going to a movie or a concert  (where you won’t have much time to talk to one another) why not grab a coffee and go to the aquarium, or get an ice cream and wander around your local markets. Planning an activity that gets you out and doing something gives you something to discuss during your time together and it can be a welcome change from going out for dinner.
  2. Be Yourself: I am sure you have heard this one before but it’s true. You want this person to connect with who you really are, not with who you are trying to be just to make a good impression. It will be hard for the relationship to last if the person your date saw isn’t who they ended up with. This being said, be sure to be your best self on first dates. Use your manners, be polite and let the many great things about you speak for themselves.
  3. Get Curious: Everyone has a story to tell and unique things about him or her. Get curious about your date and then really listen to what it is he or she is telling you. Avoid closed-ended questions (questions that can be answered with 1 word such as yes, no or good) and ask them questions that will tell you more about them. For example ask about their hobbies, the town they grew up in, how they spend their weekends, why they chose the type of job they are in. The more interest you show in getting to know who your date really is the more likely he or she will feel connected to you and want to know more about you.
  4. Smile: As simple as this may sound it is incredibly important because smiling puts other people at ease and makes them feel more comfortable. Both of you will likely be nervous and smiling gives the impression that you are having a good time and that you are happy to be on the date.
  5. Enjoy the Moment: Try to remember that this is just one date and stop worrying about whether or not you will connect down the road or what is going on in your date’s head. You have only committed to a few hours with this person so enjoy them. Maybe it will work out great, maybe it won’t. But if you spend the whole evening focusing on whether this is going somewhere, neither you nor your date will have fun and you will miss out on some great opportunities to engage with one another.

Happy Fall and Happy Dating!

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