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Try This Trick To Avoid Overindulging During The Holidays

I can’t speak for you, but around the holidays whether I really intend to or not, I find myself grazing on foods that I wouldn’t typically eat. In other words, my consumption of sugar tends to increase about 10 fold and I end up battling the highs and lows of out of whack blood sugar. Christmas cookies, holiday diet tips, healthy eating over the holidays

The unfortunate thing about this is that we then spend most of our holiday feeling crappy and we often compensate for feeling crappy by abusing our body with foods that only repeat this pattern. To top it off, the holidays can be a time when we often slack a bit on our regular health routines which means our body in general might not be feeling its best.

I was reading a newsletter the other day and found an article written by a holistic nutritionist. I don’t typically forward stuff like this on but I found it interesting and for those who can struggle with sweets at this time of year, I thought it could be helpful and worth a shot, I know I’ll be trying it!

Click Here To Read the Article

Wishing you all a love filled holiday season filled with wonderful moments and cozy evenings.

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